Results From The Fact Method

Case Studies From Our Amazing Students

1 Sales Call In The Last 10 Months To Over 40 In Under 1 Month.

Kim is a declutter coach who helps people declutter and organize their homes. She has done it all in terms of marketing (yet most of it didn’t work to generate leads or sales.) After enrolling in The FACT Method she spent $600 and grew her email list by over 1000 at under $2/lead. She also booked over 40 sales calls in under a month.

Kim Sneath
Declutter Coach

$10,000 Months To $80,000 In A New Market

Patrick helps his clients generate leads in Canada. He came into the Fact Method with 2 clients in the HVAC space. In 4 weeks he had 10 total. But he found himself stalling out. So he pivoted to lead gen for realtors and 8x’d his revenue using what The FACT Method taught him. 

Patrick Frenette
Marketing Agency

Closing More Sales At His Day Job

Nathan is a fitness instructor with his own practice, however he recently joined the team at a brick and mortar location by his house. Because of what he learned in The FACT Method he’s able to have more powerful and direct conversations with potential clients. This allows him to figure out how to help them quicker, and how to have them be excited to buy his services.

Nathan Irizarry
Fitness Coach

The Fact Method took me from ignorant to informed!!! I have NEVER done any marketing in my life, I was drowning in research and effort. Once I found the Fact Method, that changed. I am now know what I'm doing! I am able to launch my own ad campaigns that actually get super cheap clicks, like under .20¢ per click! I am so grateful for The Fact Method and highly recommend this program! Jeff is the most patient mentor I have met!!

- Agape Garcia

Jeff helped me identify the problem and gave me the right tools and guidance to turn my business around.

- Vero Kruta

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When you’re not a marketer by trade, it can be hard to feel confident that you’re implementing your marketing correctly, that your set up is optimized to generate customers, and that what you’re doing is actually going to bring a result (more clients.) 

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The fact is, you got into this game to make an impact on your audience not to be a full time marketer. So getting advice from someone who is, might be one of the most crucial steps you can take towards getting your marketing working so you can get back to helping your clients.