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Learn my exact formula to get consistent leads and sales every month. It only requires 3 campaigns. If you're ready to stop trying to "get the word out there" and set up a system that does the work for you and generates predictable and consistent leads and revenue every month, apply now.

Apply now and if you're a right fit for The Marketing Elevation Call, together we will:

  1. Take a look at your messaging, sales and delivery systems, to see how to get you consistent leads and sales EVERY MONTH (without having to spend more time marketing your business than you already are!)

  2. Look at the content you’re creating and how you’re publishing it to see where you can increase the effectiveness of it.

  3. Look at your current marketing to see if it’s set up in a way that attracts an audience of buyers back to you.

  4. Make sure you’re following a marketing strategy that will build momentum in your business.


We hit around $80k in November and $50k in December
– Patrick F.

From 0 Funnel, Leads, and Conversions To Over 150.
– Tim D.

I got in over 1000 leads that are very specific to my niche for roughly $1/lead.
– Kim S.

Because of the work in The Fact Method, in person conversations are leading to more sales.
– Nathan I.