Get The Time And Money Saving Tracking Dashboard That Allows You To See How Your Marketing Is Performing (And What To Do If It's Not.)

Get The Time And Money Saving Tracking Dashboard That Allows You To See How Your Marketing Is Performing (And What To Do If It's Not.)

“I am enjoying this mentorship as well and can actually see/feel the progress!”

– A. Garcia FACT Method Student

“Marketing was by far my weak link. Working with Jeff absolutely helped me diagnose my target audience and how to connect with them.”

– Michael MacDonald FACT Method Student

How Online Businesses & Coaches Can Attract Their Ideal Clients Who Are Ready To Buy
(Without Having To Be A Full Time Marketer.)

Jeff Wenberg, Founder of The FACT Method

Hey I’m Jeff.

In the last 12 years of my career I’ve been the guy behind the scenes working with some of the biggest online personalities and brands in the online marketing space. Businesses such as Leadpages, Samcart, and WebinarNinja, and people such as Ezra Firestone, Dan Martell, Pat Flynn, and James Wedmore.

Most online businesses, coaches, and consultants assume it’s the marketing strategy they choose that is what makes their marketing work. So they pick one and build out a funnel only to find out that it doesn’t work super well when they launch it. So they pick another strategy and rebuild…

Only to experience the same results.

Then the cycle continues.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

BUT if we look at ANY online business who isn’t struggling to get qualified leads who are ready to buy what you have we’ll see something different.

In all of that time working with these top businesses here’s the thing I saw that mattered most…and why their marketing worked while other online businesses struggled.

It wasn’t the strategy¬†(paid ads, webinars, high ticket, low ticket, etc.) In truth, all of these strategies work.

What attracted people to these businesses was WHAT they put into those strategies.

That’s why you can copy funnels from any one of the businesses listed, and it might work…but most likely it won’t work the same as how it did for them.

These successful businesses have figured out how to help their audience get breakthroughs and belief shifts from the content they put out, so it generates demand for them, their offers, and their business.

So I’ve put together an easy to follow framework that shows you how to do this in your marketing just like the big dawgs do.

And I’m giving it away for free right here on this page so you can get your marketing working so you can just get back to working with clients.

So if you’re tired of struggling to expand your business and you know if you could just get in front of the right people your business would blow up…make sure to get this training so you can get your marketing working today.

Ready To Have Your Marketing FINALLY Start Working
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